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Areas of Clinical Specialization

All of my practice is rooted in evidence-based, research-supported treatment modalities.

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Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

I use the gold standard practice of Exposure and Response Prevention to create meaningful change and reclaim your life.

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I take a Cognitive Behavioral approach, combined with hierarchical exposures to overcome your fears and regain control.


If low mood is derailing your life, we will use proven Cognitive Behavioral Therapy interventions to reconnect you with your daily routines and resume pursuing your goals.

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I address concerns of generalized, social, academic, and performance anxiety. I use a combination of CBT, ACT and coping skill training to help you rediscover your calm and centered self once again.

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Sleep Disturbances

Whether you suffer from insomnia, hypersomnia, or just need to get your sleeping schedule back on track, we will use established CBT-I interventions to help you feel rested and refreshed once more.

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Trichotillomania and Excoriation

If you find yourself compulsively engaging in either hair pulling or skin picking, we will use the established practice of Habit Reversal Training to reduce the behavior and learn new coping skills to replace it.


If you are ready to start the process of working through traumatic events, I am ready to walk alongside you. You set our pace and we work together to discover new ways of moving forward.

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We grieve so many things: loss of loved ones, endings of relationships, even significant life changes. Together we will find balance between time to grieve in meaningful ways, and time to rejuvenate.

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Theoretical Orientation

In all of my work I take a person-centered and solution-focused approach.
Person-centered means that I see you as the expert on you, whether we have just met or have been working together for several sessions. This also means that you have a lot of direct input into how your treatment is planned and conducted. Solution-focused means that we are always moving toward meaningful change, and always thinking of how you can challenge yourself to grow between sessions. It also means that I see it as my job to help you discover the best solutions for you, rather than give a cookie cutter approach that does not account for your unique situation and qualities.

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