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Dr. Schlierf is currently accepting new clients for appointments on Tuesday and Wednesday mornings. Please submit a contact form below if interested.

Grey Havens Psychological Services is located in Orlando, FL and offers in-person and telehealth sessions. Dr. Jacob Schlierf Psy.D. is a licensed psychologist who specializes in OCD, phobias, anxiety, sleep disorders, depression, trauma, and grief. Dr. Schlierf also provides sport psychology services to elite athletes from high school to collegiate and professional levels. Dr. Schlierf maintains a small caseload, which allows for clients to receive very personalized and consistent care. Dr. Schlierf can provide services via both private pay and insurance. Use the contact form below to reach out for your free 15-minute consultation to have your questions answered and begin addressing your concerns today!

Call or email me with questions, or to set up your free

15-minute consultation.


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